Monday, January 30, 2012

A Fleeting Moment...

House windows lit by the falling sun
Aflame in warm colors
heralding the dusk yet to come
Half the sky grey and the other blue
as myriad of colors spread across the horizon
Crows, the last to settle,
squawking and cawing
as they jostle for position
on the leafless branches,
the cold settling on their shoulders
as the night approaches
and they secure their stances
Headlights on approaching cars
and streetlights turn on one by one
as, in the glare, one late squirrel
hurries across the street
to his nest in the trees
The sun sinks a little lower
and the light is snuffed out
like a candle in an empty room
extinguished by an errant breeze
The magic of the moment
hovers a second longer
and suddenly it is night...

World Turned Upside Down...

Blue clouds in a white sky,
a strangely beautiful sight
meets these tired eyes
Not too concerned about how or why,
just drinking it in and letting it out
Though i know it's a matter of
reflection and refraction,
it doesn't stop the momentary distraction,
the strange interaction between
the sky and my eyes
As the morning dawns almost ablaze
i can still sit and marvel
at the wonder that's been made
blinking like a slumbering giant
newly risen from the shade
and wondering what he's missed
in his absence...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not so Smooth Sailing...

Life's little slips,
life's little dips...
the ebb and flow of a lifetime,
at least that's how i think
How is it that you sail
your ship through uncharted waters?
Do you steer by the stars
or do you have a bosun in the crow's nest
guiding you, telling you how near
or how far the next landfall is?
What do you feel you deserve?
The devil is truly in the details
What demon or god do you serve
in the seemingly countless choices?
What voice stirs you on,
on the horns of what dilemma
do you sit upon?
What triggers incite you,
what pleasures delight?
What thoughts invite you
to go that extra step?
What is your make-up,
what will it take to shake up
the house of cards you built for yourself
for it's up to you and no one else...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Green Getaway...

Sitting in a wooded patch
no door to this exit,
no need for a latch...
The sunrise is the catch of the day
as the colors blend and bend
and the morning fog gets burned away
by the warmth of the coming day
Night's chill becomes the cool of the morn,
as the whippoorwill cries,
another fledgling is born
high above in the branches,
where floats Hope and Romance,
hoping for one last chance,
one last dance before the band packs up,
one last cup of coffee
before the World rises
and disturbs the Earth's beauty...


Templum de Formosas Dryas...

Return of the warm breeze,
when the shade is no longer cold...
Will the firepit still hold warm embers
in the early morning mist
as Dawn's warm glow
brings moisture falling from leaves,
glistening in the amber light,
slipping between the trees,
illuminating the ferns that flourish,
as the forest nourishes them
and the deer relish them,
walking the paths made centuries before?

Here stands the Green Door,
made from hanging vines and white birch
Here is my haven, my heaven,
my Church...


The Library at Alexandria...

Myths, magic and legend...
echoes resound in the ancient library
where the dust on the tomes
settles like an ache in the bones
as you shuffle down the long corridors
lined with books bound in leather
and parchments tied with silk...

Odd piles lying here and there
as if someone was rushed
and didn't care
or maybe there just isn't a more room
amid the paper jumble...

To me, this is mother's milk;
to read, peruse...
How could one refuse
to open wide the pages,
learn from fools as well as sages
read the wisdom of the ages?
For it is our imagination
that free us from our cages...