Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wet Pastel Colors...

Watercolor rain, coating the autumn leaves
leaving them glistening in the muted grey light
as the mist glitters beneath the streetlamps,
multi-colored droplets, rainbows falling
A whisper of the wind sends more leaves downward,
sliding for a moment on the slick surface
to stop, pasted to the concrete
Headlights glare and stretch across the street,
the harbingers of the metal fish
that move slowly down the thoroughfare
Umbrellas of many colors,
like Joseph's coat, bounce gently down the sidewalks
hiding the faces of their owners
as they walk briskly in the rain
Still warm for the season
take pleasure in weather
for even as the temperature changes
so shall we
Changing from jackets to coats
as the snow slowly floats to the surface
Halloween comes soon, November to follow
soon the farms and gardens will lie fallow
waiting for another change of season
to wake us from our winter slumber...


Monday, October 22, 2012

Approaching Dusk...

See the squirrel eating a crust of bread
from the trash can
and a homeless couple holding hands
as they walk with their shopping cart
loaded with their worldy possessions
A confession, as the shadows lengthen on the lawn;
I envied them for a moment
but the moment is gone...
Light that lingers spreads its fingers,
gently touching the leaves on the trees
as the breeze flutters them
and the tree utters a sigh,
for as the days go by
she will lose her many children
to the waning light of fall
Shops begin to close,
smells from restaurants assail your nose
as beneath your toes the concrete begins to cool
The last of the buses, leaving from school
carrying the children who have been learning the rules
that will carry them through their lives,
may the light of learning never leave their eyes
All this and more in a few short blocks,
a world in microcosm,
a lifetime in a few moments
as the dying light still shines bright
illuminating yet another day's end...


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Painted by an Unseen Hand

Explosions of color
breaking through the swath of of green...
Fiery orange, smoldering red, glowing yellow
all vying for my attention
as the last rays of the sun
makes them shimmer before my eyes
Birds fly here and there
as the cries rend the air
gently alighting on the vibrant limbs
as if afraid the branches may be as hot
as the colors of the leaves
What is there to believe
when it is all sensory?
There is only the moment,
lost in the vision;
the division between brain and mind,
between body and soul
each fighting for their footing
hoping to seize control
and hold sway over emotion
Let it all in and see what comes out
Color, glorious color
makes you stand in wonder
at the intricate simplicity of palette...