Friday, February 28, 2014

Brass City Walk..

Cross eyed queen of the concrete,;
near where the asphalt 
And the curb meet.
Sitting on her throne 
of granite and concrete, 
three steps up
on the third stoop on your right.

And the sneaker boys
mutter and fill the gutter 
with half smoked butts, 
waiting for the mall doors to open
and buy the latest trophy
bound in colored leather and rubber.
Mist turns to rain...
You can hear them complain,
glancing at enormous watches
in all the colors of the rainbow
and then some.

The sun comes amid the rain, 
a sun shower sparkling,
little rainbows parachuting color
as the fall to earth
and steaming asphalt.
The scent of rain, 
a moist kiss that quenches,
permeates the soul as it drenches
in a quick burst
watering the park benches,
making the brass statues glisten.

And if you take the time to think, 
to truly listen,
to hear the drops of water sizzle
as the cloud burst turns to drizzle
and only small puddles on the concrete
remind yo of the brilliance of the moment...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coming 'Round...

Trying to draw a perfect circle,
tracing with my finger
in one continous motion.
Which way to start..
do I go left or right,
begin from the bottom
or fall from the top?
Wherw to begin  
where does it end, 
the perfect shape found in nature?

In a raindrop's bounce
as it strikes the earth
and reaches back 
towards the cloud
from whence it came.
In a teardrop,
falling from a face, 
circles of sadness
catch the light as they fall,
illuminating the emotion,
sanctifying the soul,
solace in the release.

In a soap bubble
floating away from young lips,
catching the breeze,
bouncing lightly on the grass,
An iridescent wonder

In an iris,
illuminated from within,
shining with life 
and revealing the soul.

In the sun and the moon,
always together, always apart.
Ruling separate kingdoms,
darkness and light
sharing the earth in turns...
yet another circle...


Monday, February 24, 2014

Under The Tuscan Sky...

The last star to hold out
against the light of dawn
blinks red and white...
Now wait, that can't be right...
isn't the planets that twinkle
like the light in a young lady's eye?
Do you ever wonder why
our eyes don't reflect in the light,
like deer caught between
stand still and take flight?
It's this and other small delights
that can make the world seem right,
because life really is a fight,
not the game we have all heard
and you may take my word
(I was told by a little bird)
friendship  and love  will get you through
all the exhibits in this zoo,
as long as you express your thought
because there really is always
someone willing to listen...
               Circa 2010

Not So Different After All...

When the air is fresh my soul and the earth mesh,
it is anybody's guess
where the two will take me.
Shake me,wake me
someone show me how
all the leaves that grow 
eventually fall without breaking.
Time will tell if this spell will last, 
time to break this fast
for my thirst needs slaking.

When the sun is bright 
wish I was a kite.
When the wind is right
I could soar forever...
but my feet stay rooted
though they are unbooted
and the truth is man was never meant to fly...
but my spirit soars
and ever I seek more;
more than what I am,
a solitary, lonely man
for as long as I can remember.
For no one sees my pain,
they only read my words
and I can't help but wonder
just what you thought,
if you decide to take a second look...

Crying in the wilderness 
of concrete it is anybody's guess,
the echo that you hear
between the asphalt and tears.
The steam vents billow ever on
while beneath the city, in tunnels,
families huddle closer to keep warm
in their Stygian dank homes.
Realize they're not alone,
others just don't realize their surroundings
because we all are truly floundering,
searching to belong...
         circa 2010

Thoughts Dance...

Like a spider
caught within his own web,
with a myriad of voices
echoing within my head.
It's not how you're raised,
it's not how you're  bred.
I know what it's not
but not sure what it is.

Like when the breeze becomes wind
and the wind starts to howl
I've heard it roar
and watched from afar,
moving in like Time
with little reason, little rhyme...

Back to thoughts that dance upon my mind...

Like rain falling on a pond,
spattering the water's canvas,
shining like crystals on the lawn,
a soft, wet kiss and then gone.
Do you ever wonder where you belong
in the scheme of things
or if we belong at all?...

           circa 2010

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter's Reprieve...

A short reprieve from winter's chill,
a false spring shining like a diamond
sparkling before my eyes.
Even the trees seem to feel it,
waiting but none too patiently
for the burst of color that marks the season.
Smells like spring when the rains come
and leave the air fresh and sweet.
Smiles abound wherever you go,
shorts and t-shorts replacing down coats
and  winter boots.
This suits everyone fine 
but i'm he to remind you 
that Old Man Winter still reigns,
he allowed this respite as part of the game
he plays to keep boredom away.
Soon, all to soon he will remind us
that when our world turns dark before six
he still has a few tricks up his sleeve

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Color of Winter

A winter rainbow...
Is it a frozen arch 
before my eyes,
the crystals reflecting
the setting sun's color?
Only the ends can be seen,
diving into the white horizon.
disappearing into the clouds
spread around the sun, 
absorbing colors a well. 
Could be the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard,
where Odin rules and Valkyries serve.

In harmony for the moment...
Alarming how easily it happens.
Nature speaks to us all. 
if we care to listen, 
each having our own lessons to learn 
and old bridges to burn.

For many roads lead to nowhere
when you consider the ending
But perhaps the journey 
is in itself the lesson
and all of my journeys
have brought me here
and tomorrow's path
might bring me that much closer 
to Serenity's slumber,
easing this world's fever.
Too long the Doubting Thomas
I want to be a believer...
in myself

Thursday, February 20, 2014

For Those Who Read...

The smile that appears;
Who would have thought
Someone else lives in my world?
Like a blushing bride,
The heart that waits
where patience resides.
Still, count the waves when black turns green
Beneath a waning moon.
The tingle in your shins
When you look over the edge.
Is that sweet release or impending doom
Your body senses?

Your body will react,
Sometimes unasked,
It saves you from yourself.
For where else can you look
When he answers you seek are not found in books
With a pretty picture the front
Or a clever bio in the back.
The questions asked by the cave,
Kissed by the fire's tongue before rising to heaven,
Those are the ones upon whose answers I wait;
My own double jeopardy.

A supplicant with proud knees,
A sigh floating on the misted breeze.
For all the chances lost to doubt,
It took a like soul
To echo my thoughts
Though i still prefer the whisper soft
To the top of the mountain shout.

Circa 1996