Saturday, February 27, 2016

Janus (III)...

there is little
I can't accomplish,
the Machina et Deux
runs on auto-pilot,
Motor Functions
and Reflexes,
(honed by Years
of fevered Anxiety)
are Razor Sharp
and Lightning fast;
as Grandpa McCoy said,
"Not braggin', just facts"...
It's the Mental State,
always a dollar short
and a Day late,
should something
I did not anticipate
be tossed into my ring,
the Circus unravels,
Chaos is King,
the Brain loses
and the Tortured Mind wins;
could be Days before
you will recognize me again
whilst I Battle
Old Enemies
from Deep within...

Oct. 7, 2015

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Angels Sing...

Looking upon
the empty room
with not thought
of Gloom and Doom
but of Possibility
because of my Capabilities,
of the Skill Sets
acquired in a Lifetime
of Learning,
of the Burning,
the Desire
to know more...
Find an Instrument
you can play;
 Believe we can all play
one Instrument,
at least,
we just have to find
the one that suits us...
Find a Song,
you can Sing,
find your Key
for we are all strung
but Differently...
Oct. 6, 2015

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Cautionary Tale...

There is no Fool
like an
Old Fool,
not "Old School"
but No School
for he's Learned,
for he's Earned
for he's Burned
Bridges he never built;
he thrives on
the Suffering of Others,
he causes Gnashing of Teeth,
Rending of Hair
and Mothers Beating Breasts;
he Cares Not,
he Thinks Not
of Others,
just himself
and how,
 in his Self-Serving Arrogance,
he can bring you down...
Ignore, Avoid
this Clown;
Pride Goeth Before the Fall,
loudly will his Cries Resound...

Feb. 21, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Clarity of Reality...

You really don't want to See
the Homeless in your town;
"Go die where we won't See,
someplace where you won't be Found"
until the smell brings
the Police around...
Here's a Band-Aid
for your Arterial Wound,
let me Warehouse you here
where the bed bugs abound
and close f0r the Weekend
and on National Holidays
and not before nine
and not after five
'cos at those Time, to us,
you're not Alive;
then let me send you to Jail
when your Frustration
and Anger explodes,
let us clog up the Court System
with this Tragic Overload,
let me look with Disdain
because you can't explain
yourself or your situation
because you're only
part of an Equation
we can never Understand...
Generation of Vipers,
Ass Kissers,
Condescendingly Rude,
Jaded, Self-Ingratiating
Liars and Thieves
making your Living
but not having a Giving Heart
or Understanding Soul,
full of Self-Serving
Hypocrisy and Ambivalence,
doing little Good and more detriment,
you see the Problem
as it Exist
and still the Deterioration
All this in whose Name?
have you so little
go about without a Drop of Shame
at how you continue
with this Worthless,
Wasted Effort
(No, not even that)
you merely tip your hat
at the Homeless
and wish them,
"Have a Nice Day",
and ,oh, not so subtle,
"Fuck You,
keep out of My Way"...
Lord, tell me He
is already Risen
and is Coming to Save
the Forlorn, Forgotten,
the not even known
to be missing...
Those who have an Ear,
to your own Empty Words,
Empty Lies,
Empty Hearts,
your Humanity is Missing
and you Know Not,
for in Reality
you Care Not;
you just hope your
little enough
feeble attempts
(if that)
will keep you
from the Hot Spot,
but it will not,
for the Lord Sees,
fall to your knees
for it is already
too late
for all you
Diseased Souls;
Fear the Trumpets,
they Sound soon,
they Sound
your Doom;
Fools, Vipers,
Generation of Degradation,
your own Twisted Creation
will swallow you whole...
Lord, Judge me Worthy
to see Your Coming;
Know I Tried,
Know I Cried;
Lagrime Mundi,
Familia Fundae,
Orbis Erratum
but leave the Earth
to your Lamb
turned Lions
by Your Hands;
allow me my staff
to fight alongside Your Host
when You Decide
the Fate of the Most
and the Reward of the Lesser;
I await
at Your Leisure;
all thing in Your
Good Time;
Your Will be Done,
not mine...
Feb. 18, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Comes to Mind...

Love is not an Emotion,
it is an Act,
listen to your Heart,
Heed your Soul
and Understand
this is Fact...
Fear is an Emotion
overcoming Senses,
Blocking Rational Thought,
stopping your Comprehension...
Anger is Frustration
at the circumstances
of your situation,
stifling the Mind
so you can't make Sense
of the equation...
You already Know this,
not telling you anything new;
Realize, Theorize,
begin to See
the True Meaning;
let not Desire
have more than its share
in the Glow
of Twilight's Last Gleaming...
Feb. 15. 2016