Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Sandbox...

Open my Ears,
let me hear the Music
being played upon the Wind;
open my Eyes,
show me the Wonder
so plain to see
that still always comes
as a marvelous surprise;
open my Heart,
closed for too long,
fearing to be ridiculed
and despised in its caring
but it is in the Sharing,
the Daring,
that sets me Free,
separates me from
the Ordinary,
from the Dromedaries of the Lost
whose cost of Existence
is their lack of Resistance,
their insistence at the Goal,
disregarding the Whole
in favor of a semblance of Control
when they hold nothing
in their hands but sand,
slipping a little more each day
from the ever outstretched hands,
Speaking in tongues
they don't understand
with little, if anything to say,
for donkeys bray
but who listens?...
I'm going this way,
choosing my own Path, Children:
play amongst yourselves...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

You Think So? (Think Again)...

Hard Gaze,
do you think I fear you
when it is you who steps away
as I come near you;
do not assume by my calm demeanor
that another victim
stands before you,
I will tear your evil in two
and let the Crows have what's left;
no, I am not like the rest
in this respect,
and that is the key word,
for you failed that test,
I can see it in your eyes,
the World you despise,
you no longer Feel
and that is no surprise
for you have lost your Soul,
any semblance of Control,
but heed my warning,
if you choose poorly this morning
Tomorrow will dawn
but you may not
for my Truths are harsh
and though I am not large
I will give you a sore lesson
that you still won't  learn;
don't assume I will back down
not the new Sheriff in Town
but not just me
but the friends I have found
will sweep your filth away...
March 27, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

Do What You Do ( Be What You Be)...

Tissue Paper sky,
puffs of cotton ball Clouds
dissipating with every movement
but can not restrain themselves,
can not constrain themselves,
bristling, seething with Energy,
the persistence of Water
ever seeking to return to Sky
from the moment Sun's Tears
touch upon Mother Earth
they begin their Search
for their Stairway to Heaven,
moving, searching Eternally,
finding Brothers and Sisters
along the way as they first
find Creek, the Stream, then River,
eventually a Great Sea,
a Gathering of The Family,
along with the Tears of the Spirits as well
Tears of the Animals,
Tears of the Trees,
Tears of the Things that Grow,
Tears in the Fabric of Life,
Fears Man has finally
gone too far, don't you know...

There in their Unity,
they channel, funnel the Energy
as some rise up
(some say it take three days,
only to cry in anguish

when they look down and see,
leaping from their seat
among the Heavens
to seek what help
there maybe found,
not knowing they are already
part of the Cleansing...
March 26, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Does it Ring True (To You?...)...

No need to seek
the Truth,
in Truth, it will find you,
all that is required
is the Desire
which must be somehow
instilled in your Youth...
And then you will Ponder,
stand in Awe and Wonder
or maybe you will wander Years,
Lamp held high,
Eyes brimming with salty tear,
the Highest of Highs,
the Lowest of Lows,
this is a Cruel World,
it is either Yes or No,
you either are or you are not...
Torn between two Worlds,
Battle rages eve on,
heighten my Senses
to whatever Plane of Existence
I am on;
one Man's Ceiling
is another Man's Floor
the door you just entered
another ran screaming from
just moment before,
where I find my Peace
you'd be afraid to explore
and your Concrete Confines
are too much for me to bear
but to get to Heaven
you have to go through Hell...
March 24, 2015

Mary O'Hara (First Day o' Spring)...

An Ode to thee,
sure it is,
you know
I would get to it,
by way of Thanks
and Gratitude
about your fine Demeanor
and Attitude,
embodying all I see
as Proper and Good
in the Magic and the Mystery,
Tradition and the History
of Myths and Legends
Dear to me;
a thatched roof,
a walled garden
an Apple Tree
and a trace of
Sea on the Breeze;
hint of a Smile,
sitting with knees
about my chin
wonderin' when I  walk you home
will you ask me in
for a cup of tea
with pie and cheese;
Dear God,
Dear Ireland,
stamped upon your face;
Truly this is the stuff of Legend,
now, then,
lend me, then, Lass,
another Smile...
March 2o, 2015

Larix Laricina (Ever the Larchmont Boy)...

Following the Marsh Line,
not stepping,
but sliding
through the Water's edge
leaving wake but no sound
wondering as I walk
about the tamarack
and what Myths,
if any,
have been told by Fire
to Inspire, to Warn
a Lesson learned
in the Desolate and Forlorn
back to the barbed wire,
Yellow as Corn
waiting to be Reborn
the only Pine that truly pines
for the warmth of Spring
to Restore Life to withered limbs
was it Choice
or was it Chosen
in that Long Ago Forgotten,
one of the Shunned,
The Misbegotten
with no place given
to call its own
but ever alongside the Bog,
the Few, sparse
rising from the Fog
as the Frogs begin
their mockery in Spring
why so Accursed,
why this Doom,
this Dirge must they sing?...
March 25, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Don't Piss on my Back ( and Call it Rain)...

Society's Pyramid;
the establishment of Castes,
learning to
 Run with The Pack,
these Monuments to ourselves
designed by the Ruling Elite
but built by the bent back
and sweat of the Masses,
tossed a bone,
a scrap from The Feast,
almost as a second thought
and expected to be grateful,
Good Dogs,
 happy to serve
at their Master's feet,
willing to accept less
as if it is all they deserve
was just enough to get by...

How could anyone at either end
of this Grand Design,
this skewed Equation
believe any Man
with Heart and Soul
would blindly accept such control,
be content with this
uneven situation,
this separation;
for the Soul of Man
instinctively reaches higher
and in trying to quench the Fire
the smoke only rises higher,
a Warning,
that the Desire
for Equality of Privilege
will surely bring yet
another Empire
to Ultimate Ruin...
March 17, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Compelled to Say...

Far away Eyes,
Mysterious smile
shortening the Distance
eradicating the miles
too often tempted
too long kept to myself
for I could not bear
my Heart broken again...

Too easy it would be
to fall headlong,
to long to Belong
to the Vision before me
and send the rest of the World
spinning off into the Galaxy;
the thrill of you beside me
I know is all I would need,
for though we have never met
more than my Heart leapt
and awoke when we first "spoke"...

Is that not how it ever goes,
the rush of Breath,
the tingle in the toes,
the flush I Feel
and, somehow, I think
you do know what I mean,
what I feel, so real
and yet so Dreamlike?...

Fool I am and ever shall  be
no control over myself
the few times before
this has happened to me
nothing but my Heart
I hold in my hands,
nothing but the shirt on my back
and I dare think so,
Lord, what did my Common Sense
along with what little is left
of my Pride go,
to want you to know
how you make me Feel;
the Rush,
the Glow...

Forgive me,
my Foolishness
and be glad for the Distance
that has kept you safe
from the awkward,
puerile advances
even with that said,
I would still take the chance
on you...
March 18, 2015


A Voice in the Wilderness II...

Whispered rumors,
sidelong glances,
knowing smiles
hunching smirks
with arms crossed,
the classic defensive stance...
Yonder stand the Sinner,
the Fly in Amber,
the Lion in Winter,
the Boat without Oars
floating aimlessly,
proud and shameless
at the same time,
holding himself blameless
though admitting to being
at the Scene of the Crime...
In the Shadow of Cross,
still at a loss,
still trying to absorb
The Cost of Freedom;
keep the overhead down
but the chin up,
lest you end up on the street corner
with pencils in a tin cup
playing the game called Catch Up
as the World passes you by...

How long this
Mote in Blind Eyes,
how long
will Angels cry
you cannot answer
the general question,
you must go into specifics...
March 19, 2015
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dream Walker...

How far the Horizon,
if you were to start now
how long would it take you
to walk as far as you can see,
how would the scenery change
what sights strange and wonderful
would leave you pondering,
making the wandering
seem more focused,
not "just because"
and coincidences
become instances of Recognition,
Cosmic Foreshadowing,
if you have the Ears to Listen,
the Eyes that care to See,
a Heart that Cares,
a Soul longing to be Free,
a haunting Sense of Tragedy
amid the Comedy played before you
dispelling the Mist obscuring the View
of the Many, the Herd
those who would rather not
be asked to choose,
content in being told what to do
but that has never been for me
nor, I think, my Friend, for you
for here you are, thinking likewise
that the Accepted, the Given,
the Status Quo, needs to go,
replaced by the Outer Limits
of our Imagination
being the only limitation...

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Beacon (Shine On...)

Warehouse of the Weary,
if you care to look,
you find your Tired,
your Hungry,
you Poor
and not from Foreign Lands
on Distant Shores,
but the neighbor next door
the one you never found
the time to know.
does the Welcome Wagon
even still arrive anymore?...
The last time I recall one
was back in "84,
Dutchman's Pipe
was in full bloom
on my front porch,
doe hanging
in the old root cellar
with water laden cobwebs
and spider webs
older than some states
glistening in the light
of one bare bulb
and scraped skins ready
for processing
laying wrapped on shelves
built into the rock wall
a century before...
Such is the twist of things
in the Mist called Life,
we sometime grope
but rays of Hope do shine,
sometimes shining upon
what you need to see before you,
other times shining upon you,
so you come to Believe
where Life has taken you
was always where
you were supposed to be;
but it is your Choice
to Believe in a Greater Power
and take the chance
or you may lose the opportunity
to do the good things
for yourself and others
you were always meant,
you have been sent,
if you have the Faith,
to do...|
Feb 11, 2015

The Pines (the pining)...

It is the opposing Forces
that mold us,
the Battle Within
makes us, takes us
convinces us
where we need to be
perhaps not when
we are at our strongest,
nor at our weakest
but where we need to be
for the moment of greatest worth...
For this I have always gone to Earth;
to Rock and Wood,
to Track and Trail,
to find a stand of Pines,
always Pines
and I nearly always find one...

Press my hands against the bark,

there, where Tree meets Earth,
littered with needles,
I brush them away,
the Grey mold, the White lichen,
the rich, Black Soil,
palm on Earth,
fingers on tree;
this ever has soothed me...

What thought is deeper
than Roots ever delving,
can you rise higher
than the branches of this Tree?...

No, your lot and mine

belong alongside,
so it is best to make your Stand
in the best place it could be...
Feb. 22, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

That's Mall, Folks...

Once more into the Fray,
a foray into the Herd Mentality;
looking not at the Quality
of a Thing, a Product, a Brand.
a Brand indeed;
to be upended , suspended
with legs crossed as you are marked
with a logo resplendent
in your designer jeans,
(oops, not called that anymore
and when did a sweatshirt
become a hoodie
and where did the Izod alligator go?)
seems the same styles are back
from the seventies
but I still struggle the difference
between cargo and chinos,
pants and slacks;

damn, ma'am,
just a pair of six-pocket pants,

two-pocket shirt,
a pair of waterproof hikers
and call it good,

the rest become State Secrets
or Secret Ninja stuff by morning

so I dress not for success
but for comfort
and still don't see the harm
it does me
or anyone else,
but stare as pass,

girls daring each other to touch
my staff as I walk by,
the Matrix-Shaman-Assassin's Creed,

but am I also not just a man,
if thou cuts me will I not bleed?...

The Ebb and Flow
but mostly ebb,
trickle-down Fashion,
knock-offs alongside mark-downs,
don't leave until you seen
the Best Deals in Town,
what is it draws you back
to the same stores, the same products
what draws me back,
for as you surely stare at me,
I sit and gaze in wonder
at the lot of you...

March 8, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What the Cat Dragged in...

Where Yesterday?...

Tracks show where Cat
sought trail back
on subsequent Days,
with each one passing,
a little further down along the ridge,
but still the snow to0 deep
on the Lee side
(if there is
such a thing on Land)...

Today all is wiped clean again,
the Blackboard shining White
a negative Pastoral scene
played too many time
to many this year
hoping for any Reprieve,
any Respite
from this Icy onslaught
that has some caught
in its negativity,
when it's just another side
of the coin, you see...

Learn to take the Bitter
with the Sweet,
it is the Bone, after all,
that adds flavor to the meat
and Aroma has a memory
all its own, just as real
in its own Sense,
its own Perception,
in its Conception
and Ideas,
though rarely new
at least a Thought,
yet do you strive...|
March 7, 2015


So Simple Even a Child...

Amid the Indistinct,
the Jingle, the Jangle, the Roar,
if you try to pay attention
to the smallest of things,
the shuffling, not the scuffling
for this has long become the the True
Walking Dead, the Daily Chore
the Daily Bread
but surely then,
there must be more;
catching your headlights
and for a moment your Anger swirls
as they emerge from under tunnels
and within recessed doorways,
out of the wind,
the Underground Underground,
the lowest place you can go,
No Where Else...

Battle-worn and yet bed weary,
too long four walls,
becoming hesitant and leery.
not long before
the Spirit must roam,
back to Wood
that has long been
keeping to Water,
by Forest's edge,
hoping to catch the Magic Sip,
the Draught that Heals,
Revealing what we already know,
but, refuse,
as is our childish manner,
to Believe in the Simplicity
of the Answer...
 Feb 6, 2015