Monday, September 22, 2014

True to You...

It is the kindest Souls
     who are tested the most,
     they give their Heart
     without regards to the cost,
     they speak their minds
     blind to the lies of others,
     lies they won't believe
     until the painful Truth
     lies exposed in the
     glaring Light of day...
It is the caring Hearts

     that get torn apart
     by callous ones
     who want more
     than their part
     of their share;
     the shallow who wallow
     in emotions they don't possess,
     interested only in themselves
     while feigning concern,
     burning, always yearning
     for more, just more...
But don't lose Faith,

     don't lose Resolve,
     all this will pass,
     this too shall dissolve
     into the span of Days
     and Time will reveal
     the Truth you have always known
     resided in your Heart...
         September 22, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Not Just the Wind is Cold (Frozen Hearts)...

Wandering, wondering
     at the Homeless still slumbering,

     their number increase daily,
     and the solution seems
     more further away than ever
     when the Powers that Be
     cannot get together
     to decide what's right...
The fight must be taken
     to the streets
     where the impoverished

     meet and greet each other,
     a society within the City
     that so many don't want to see...
Look upon your Brother
     and see he is just like any other;

     look upon your Sister
     and realize you may

     have missed her
     sitting on the curb hungry
     while you rush off
     to grab your ration
     of Fast Food and diet soda;
     look upon the Children
     and realize what they are missing

     is the example you don't give them,
     the concern, the empathy,
     the simplicity of a kind word...
Take a step in those shoes,
     torn and tattered,
     two sizes too small
     or two sizes too loose,
     with clothes they can't wash
     since the System does not recognize
     cleanliness as a need;
     heed the words of the Indigent,
     realize where the Pride went,
     spinning slowly down the drain  

     when every day is the same
     for nothing changes,
     it just rearranges
     dissolving into a Life of Futility,
     ensnared in the stupidity
     of a System that doesn't recognize
     or realize the Pride goeth
     not before
     but long after the Fall...    

          September 20,2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Homeless Connect...

In air conditioned rooms
     deciding the Fate
     of the Homeless,
     praying it is not too late,
     choosing what might work
     and what is useless,
     trying to find a solution
     for the indigent and bootless
     in the Hope of giving Hope
     to those trapped
     within the System
     who come to Believe
     that it is all fruitless...

Live in a shelter
     for a week,
     wait in line
     for your commodities,
     tighten your belt,
     yet again,
     till you are weak,
     become so ingrained
     in the Travesty
     that you no longer
     wish to speak
     to the Jaded, to the Faded
     where your words
     fall on Deaf Ears...
You can not comprehend
     unless you have lived it,
     it doesn't matter
     how much you give
     if you don't allow
     the Poor their Dignity...
It's as though
     in the Shadows they hide,
     waiting for another
     line to form
     for food to eat
     or blankets to keep warm,
     then slip back into the Darkness...
Sadly said,

     this is the Norm,
     for you can't see
     what is Right
     unless you truly understand
     what is Wrong...
          September 4, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rose Colored Lens...

If I die Tonight,
     at least I know
     I tried to do what's Right,
     may not have made it
     but at least I finally saw the Light
     and pondered on the Mysteries
     and sadly subtle histories
     of Man's oh so sorry Plight...
Not a Knight, but a Vassal
     guarding the Gates
     to keep the Huns
     from storming the Castle;
     all too aware of the Danger,
     all too sure of the Hassles
     that ensue from trying to be true
     to yourself and the things
     you try to do
     despite all the outrageous Fortunes,
     ill advised comments,
     ominous Portents and Omens
     reminding me "You can't go Home again"
     (if there was ever such a place)
     where you could look in the Mirror
     and face the Reality,
     or is it we never truly see the Truth,
     just a part of it?...
Will it to be so;
     Adapt and Overcome,
     ain't that the way
     the story goes?...
One plant dies and another grows
     but in the same soil
     and how the Slaves toil,
     broiling in the noonday sun,
     another row finished
     but another has begun
     in the Field of Opportunity
     where there is no unity,
     just everybody scrambling
     for their share,
     with not a penny or a cigarette to spare,
     just Mistrust and Fear
     and hairy eyeball stares
     at the cut of your cloth
     or the length of your hair,
     never realizing
     or trying to understand where
     each of us is coming from
     for though we all see the same Sun,
     we bend to different Light...
                 August 4,2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Night Shade...

Here we are again, Midnight,
     waiting on the
     break of Day,
     listening to the sound of Night,
     the World is never silent,
     sound never goes away...
Identify what you hear,

     listen to the Echo
     getting shorter
     as the footfalls come closer...
Remember, Trees murmur
     in their sleep,
     tossing and turning gently,
     swaying with the breeze
     or being rudely awakened
     by the Wind rushing by,
     racing to nowhere,
     just running from Joy...
Creatures of the Night,
     large eyed and silent,
     ever observant,
     on the look out
     for any sign of trouble,
     some Shadow out of place...
Faces soften in this light,
     Age fades into Darkness,
     shadows play with Time,
     subtle shades and random signs
     of years that may be
     or Innocence left far behind...

     is there such a thing as
     Shadows within a Shadow,
     you may peer and you may ponder
     but can you never touch?...
Wisps, whights, wonders,
     opaque figures that
     walk not just the days,
     easier seen at Night
     as the Witching Hour approaches
     and subtle changes begin
     as Dawn awakens
     and begins cleaning
     her iridescent feathers
     in preparation for her flight,
     teasing the Horizon,
     hovering just above
     and whispering enticement
     in his ears
     with other sweet words
     of Earthly
     and Ethereal delight...
          July 28, 2014

Two Parties, One Lie...

The Nobility of Man is lost
     within the machinations
     of the Political Beast,
     devouring Truth
     and replacing it
     with sleight of hand
     and smoke and mirrors...
The System fails
     because it doesn't see
     the need to exist as one's self;
     it sees what must be resisted,
     the turning from the whole,
     the individuality of Man...
Don't think outside the box,
     crush it, burn it
     and let the smoke rise
     as an offering from the Altar
     to gods long abandoned,
     gods with faults and emotions,
     who ruled, not always wisely
     but open and honestly...
The Time has come to pray
     to ourselves, our Souls,
     to realize our faults
     and change them,
     to admit to our errors
     and make amends,
     not hide our mistakes
     and bury them,
     hoping they are down
     deep enough
     that the stink does not rise...
Open your eyes to the Truth,
     show those in Power
     that you see through their Lies,
     let the gleam in your eyes
     scare them back into the Shadows,
     into the Darkness
     from whence they came...
Don't play their Game;
     change what you can
     and ignore what you don't need,
     take what you know
     to be true and use it
     to lead you to where
     you know you should be
     and take those
     who believe as you
     and create the place,
     the World you need
     and the Fools and Liars
     bleed slowly away...
         August 28, 2014

The Root Tree (Walden Three)...

Follow the Fence line
     along the Highway
     to the River...
The rhythm of the car,
     hypnotic in the beat,
     the rise and fall
     like Waves
     crashing down
     upon it all,
     can hold you
     in its thrall
     and lead your mind
     to what some might
     unkindly say
     or call astray...
But it is all in
     the Point of View,
     others say...
And what is Mad
     and what is Sad to you,
     might I have a chance to say?...
We all have our Demons,

     the Hopes
     and the Dreams
     we rely on
     to make it through the Day...
At just what stage
     are you  comfortable,
     what is all you need
     as the End of your Day?...
Just a patch of blue and green
     with colors changing
     with the Seasons,
     it seems is all I need,
     a Sheltered Existence
     in the simplest sense...
Again, it seems to me,
     is all I've ever seemed to Dream...
            July 25, 2014