Friday, August 28, 2015

To Thine Own Self (II)...

Hating your Life
and resenting those
who have gained
as you peer up
from the dank hole
you have dug for yourself,
you lack the Self-Respect,
you have no Direction,
you follow the Others
without Thinking,
without Question
and wonder why
you have no say
but it is on you
for you choose
not to Decide
and then complain
when the ride
makes you nauseous
and in your rancor
you rail to no avail,
you wail upon the wall
disgusted with it all
when in Truth

it is yourself you Hate...
Lose your Anger,
seek Patience
use not angry words;
if you are going to suffer
do so in Silence
for the World tires
of Quitters and Liars
who in Reality
don't even Fool themselves...
August 27, 2015

As DayLight Falls...

The Waning,
the Draining Away
of the Day
as the scent
of approaching Dusk
rises from Earth;
Rich, Musky
moisture rising
as the ground cools;
the Dew that forms
in early Morn
could not make
the Celestial Trip,
falling from Jacob's Ladder
to glisten on the lawns
in the first Light of Dawn
that's not for some hours yet,
now Horizon's palette is set,
colors of the early Autumn Sky;
it is in the angle of the Sun,
the muted softness,
a different tone to the Air...
and revolving,
there is not Mystery
here needs solving;
why is it everything
continues evolving
but Man,
a Fool since Time began,
the more he comes to know
the less he understands...
August 24, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Catch Your Breath...

We all search
for Recognition;
under what conditions
do you exist,
what do you allow
and what do you insist upon
as your due,
what do you need
to see you through
to make your Day
to allow you to say,
"This is where
I will make my Stand".
where does One
draw the Line in the Sand
and hope people Understand,
show a modicum of Respect
to allow you your corner,
your piece of the pie,
not just crumbs
from the Elite's plate
but some place
to ease your state of Mind
leave this World
and its troubles behind,
where you can stop,
collect yourself
and rewind,
begin again
for the Road is long
and the climb is steep
and in the End
it is just you,
August 25, 2015


Pay Heed...

not taken lightly,
a Maze in which
one wanders,
pondering the Meaning,
gleaning what Truth,
what Wisdom
lies behind the words;
for we have all hear the prattling
as the Cages rattle
and the Prisoners scream,
confused at the Dream
become Nightmare,
at the Uncaring,
those refusing to Share,
crying out from
the Depths of Despair,
wondering where and when
a True Life can begin
for Society always wins,
it will not change for you,
it is you who must Adapt;
don't get caught in the trap
don't heed Fools,
avoid the claptrap
and that means, Listen...
Speak slowly,
speak softly
so one must strain to hear
for only those that have an ear
will get the Meaning...
August 26, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cast the First Stone (II)...

Let not Righteous Anger
blind you,
bind you to the stone
sinking into the Depths;
stop, pause and ponder,
take a moment to wonder
just whose Spell you're under
when your blood boils,
when the adder uncoils
and the Venom you spit
will not cause the Evil to quit
for Anger does not soothe Anger
it only increase the problem
and you decrease
for there is no Peace,
there is no solving,
all good things dissolve
if you don't become involved
for the World
 does not revolve around you
look around
and realize this is True...
is indeed a Virtue;
keeping your head, staying calm
is not and easy thing to do,
Life is a struggle,
it tugs at your Heart,
it can tear you apart
and only the Lord
can see you through...
August 13, 2015