Friday, June 26, 2015


The Day decides, not I,
the Wind blows
and off I go
whither it may take me,
till the requirements
and Dire Testaments
of a Civilized Society
(excuse the laugh
into the sleeve
as some ridiculousness
is too much to believe)
drag my feet back down
to sweet Mother Earth...
Better I should drive a hearse,
picking up the Dead
as I go along,
"Bring out your Dead,
Dead Man walking"...
Lives without Balance,
splattered with mud
wallowed in a rut
tattered and bedraggled
in their finest togs...
Jogging with I-pods,
filming on I-pads,
talking on I-phones
and wondering why
the Live alone among the Lonely...
You know the Truth in this,
you know that which,
it is you miss,
there has been something
missing all along ,
knowing what is wrong
and doing nothing
is the greatest Sin of all...
June 11, 2015

But Soft...

In soft speech
harsh Truths spoken;
tokens for the Ferryman
to take you from
the Land of the Living
across the River Styx
to where Hearts and Souls
lie Dormant, Suspended,
waiting for the Clarion call
to raise them all
from their inert state;
but don't wait too long,
muscles will weaken
not grow strong,
waiting for some  Miracle,
a Savior to come along
and lead you by the hand,
to ease your Pain and Suffering,
take you out to the burning sands
of your deserted lives
to the Holy City shining
like a Beacon in the Promised Land...
Understand the Logistics,
forget generalities
blanket statements
get down to the specifics,
Miracles and Marvels
would be terrific
but Truth is subtle
and softly spoken
Whispers on the Wind,
tell me, what , if anything
has awoken?...

The Vanities...

 It is in the Questioning,
the Desire, the Fire
hoping to make one see
an Old Truth in a New Way,
Modern Man reborn
amid the ruins of Pompeii.
the Snake Stairs uncoil
in the steaming Jungle Sun
to seek mid-day shade
then go back to tracking
the Yearly Sojourn...
Tell, tell me of what you have learned
in your travels,
both Dreaming and Awake,
what Thirst did you slake
that made you hungry for more,
looking to explore yet another Shadow?...
Kn0w to ascertain the Indistinct
it's not as easy as you think,
to separate yourself
from the moment
and your surroundings
but once you do have the control
the difference will be astounding;
the Clarity, the Parity
you can't help but smile
for it truly is a Divine Comedy
with the joke being on ourselves
and our multitude of Vanities,
Ego, Pride, and False Sense of Entitlement,
all useless, wasted Energy,
time spent chasing your own Shadow
where the doubt's been hidden all along;
release it in song
and send the prayers Heavenward...
May 29, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Contained in a Raindrop...

A trickle of Rain,
Electrical Morn,
atoms displacing
raising the warmth from the Earth
as Molecules increase in speed
and suddenly,
 but the Wind that broought the storm
turned to Breeze...
No, now I think not;
perhaps it is the Breeze
is the Little Brother of the Wind,
always tagging along;
sometimes before,
to warn you of the coming Storm
at other times coming after
in almost Dionysian laughter,
singing praises to the Power, the Fury
of the Torrent, the Tumult,
the Thunderous Wonder...
Drop of Rain,
are you the same one
from yesterday, I wonder
I wonder from what part
of the Sky it is you came
and how long before
you in particular return
in the Circle of things,
just wondering;
don't you ever wonder
about such things;
silly rabbit,
Trix are for kids...
June 15, 2015

Who Me? (But Seriously)...

Moses stuttered,
no Charlton Heston he,
strutting, jaw jutting
Spiderman superhero;
Noah drank,
surprised he never sank
the Ark,
lucky there was nothing
to run into;
can't think of a name
without some bit of shame,
Human Nature, after all,
has not changed
in a Millennia,
raise your hands
if your perfect
any of ya',
so why should it seem odd
if the messages
your Heart sends you
really come from up above?...
Love, Live,
Give all that you can,
hold nothing back
for it is in Release
that the tension ceases,
it will bring you to your knees,
the Epiphany of Belief,
the Certainty , the Validity
is within you to acknowledge,
the simple Wisdom
not taught in any college...
Faith is a lifestyle,
not a Religion,
not some cold stone building;
a Way of Living...
June 24, 2015


A Gathering of Souls,
and unraveling,
a Gordian Knot loosened
enough to allow you to breathe,
to Believe in the Power of Unity,
what one tries
two may complete,
the helping hand guiding you,
lightening your load,
but not taking it,
giving you the respite you  need
to begin again,
for you can not fail
if you never give up;
get up, dust yourself off
and begin again,
keep your eyes on the horizon
for it is there you will see
the morning Sun as it rises
and even if the day blooms

grey and gloomy
look to the Moon and know
it is the Light of the Sun
that makes it glow...

Not all is as it appears
but there are constants,
unchanging, unwavering
year after year;
anchor yourself to the Earth,
realize your Goodness, your Worth
for we all have something to give
but first you must learn
how to Live...

June 23, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Just Lucky, I Guess...

The rains cleanse
as Sky opens
and the torrent begins
washing the filth of Civilization
to the curb and catch basins,
A tree not set well in the Earth
regrets not seeking deeper,
living on the surface,
without depth, without solidity
toppling now across the tracks before me
branches brushing past my face
a feather's kiss,
a leafy embrace
and I in the middle 
in the only safe place...
Untouched and unharmed,
I look Heavenward,
knowing it was no rabbit's foot
or some Lucky Charm;
Myrtle, Acacia, Cyprus, Cedar
gifts springing from the soil;
learn the Magic, know the Mystery
Basics Truths, Earthly Majesty,
for it is Written for all to see
if your eyes are focused,
if your Heart believes...
The Time approaches,
the Beast nears,
fear the Trumpets
for the will announce
who will continue
and who will diminish,
so get your affairs in order,
the Time grow short...
June 24, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Out of the Wilderness...

I've heard The Call,
distant peals of Thunder,
the battle that has raged
threatening to tear me asunder
has kept me from understanding;
tears wept and fists clenched,
i have stood in the pouring rain,
water turning to steam,
as i screamed in anger and frustration
has been my schooling,
a pooling of my resources
in preparation of my part
in the Great Equation,
my gestation if you will,
born of Fire, hardened by Ice,
weathered by the Elements,
i am become a Firmament,
these colors won't run
so it may be clear to anyone
who may hear
(if they have an ear)
the Truths i speak softly...
From no lofty height,
from my Heart,
from my Soul
comes this Insight;
just doing as i have been asked,
this has become my task,
built to last,
this Temple will not fall;
shining on, shining on...
June 1, 2015