Friday, November 30, 2012

Furry Standoff...

A piece of an apple fell from an oak tree,
came so close it startled me
Not so strange an occurence,
for when i looked up to see
the cause of this miracle
was a squirrel looking down at me
So i moved aside and waited
to see if he would take the bait
for as the year is growing late
he could not afford to lose such plunder
He sat upon his branch,
his head twisting this way and that,
his tail twitching as he was itching
to come and claim his prize
But i stood my ground, without a sound
and i stood with my arms crossed
as he took the measure of me
and slowly came down from the tree
to sit upon the library's lawn
as other pedestrians strolled along
He stopped again and seemed to ponder
as i thought, "do squirrels wonder?"
and motioned as if i should move a bit
But i stayed as resolute as the oak,
not blinking an eye, not a word i spoke
He seemed to shrug
and tiptoed across the grass,
crossed over to the sidewalk
and took the apple in his grasp
He looked at me and seemed to laugh
with his face turned towards the sky
He twirled the apple in his hands,
as if inpsecting it for bruises,
the took it firmly in his mouth,
crossing the lawn back to the tree
He stopped and dropped the apple,
gave a quick bow, took it back in his mouth
and clambered back up the tree
Farewell, littel friend, enjoy the treat...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Silent Morn...

The birds were not singing this morn...
Curious, wonder if they overslept
and missed the new dawn
Were they asleep
and do they dream,
with their feet clinging tightly
to the tree branch they sit upon?
The sun is up full
and still they do not sing
Is this a portent, a bad omen
of what the day might bring?
I think i might be worried
if i believed in such a thing
though lately i have started to believe
in the signs of a Grand Design,
as though these dreams
are not really mine,
that we are all chosen for our roles
to teach each other, reach each other
while hopefully learning at the same time

Can you leave your ego behind
and take advice and direction?
Can you live in the moment each day-->
without trying to understand,
without a detailed inspection?
Intelligence dawned eons ago,
creativity is on a different plane
Thought in life is required,
but art in the soul inspired,
coming from the mind , not the brain
A subtle difference,
but i don't think they are the same
For my mind is free
but my brain is chained to the ship's mast
without wax in my ears
so as not the hear the Siren's Song
and keep safe this ship i'm on
but my mind strains against the bonds:
curiosity, children...


Friday, November 23, 2012

Lilting, Lifting Laughter...

A laugh that comes
straight from the heart,
full of life and warmth,
so real it's unexpected
coming from such an angelic face
You are so many things at once,
caught in the moment,
giving all your attention
to what holds your attention
till another thought
comes to your pretty head...

A smile so warm
it melts my heart
and eyes that sparkle fire
Your face glows,
your inner beauty shows
to match your physical traits...

Lips that purse,
holding wondrous treasure
that makes me wish
for a sweet kiss
so i might be transported
to the heaven i know
lies within your embrace...

Your voice tempts me,
in a breathy hush it sends me,
in whispered sigh it rends me
then molds me,
for i am putty in your hands...

Do you really understand your effect?
I think not,
for the wonder of you
and all that you do
is too genuine to be contrived...

A face that launched a thousand sigh,
for just a twinkle from your eyes
gives me such joy i cannot disguise
the many ways you move me... ...


Friday, November 16, 2012

Not Just Friday is Black...

The time draws near
for holiday parades and Christmas cheer
while homeless huddle, lonely in the dark
Nothing's changed, just rearranged
to make a prettier package
for the voting year,
Politician come out to play;
stale promises from podiums,
the same old crap they always bray
What changes but the names,
and don't you find it strange
the party line seems blurred
if you take the time?
The jaded fade away
the hopeful can only pray,
misinformation spun on pixel webs
What do you believe?
who'll fill the need
If not yourself
then you have nothing
to complain about
The many, the few
it's always been that way
and what you gonna do?
Change comes but changes nothing,
but one has to believe in something,
even if it is in nothing
because how do you tell truth from lies?
Trample each other in the rush
to get the sales,
never noticing how stale the air is
in the crypt that holds our hopes...


Friday, November 9, 2012

Way too Early for Spring...

First snowfall diminishes in the morning sun
as the temperature climbs to temperate
A weird end to the blustery days of fall
with many leaves, now turned brown,
languishing on the tree,
sad they did not attain colorful glory
Patches of white on the still green grass,
like dollops of cream, still white, still clean,
even the piles by the curb
A warmer wind blows between the buildings,
making you wish you hadn't worn such a warm coat
Is it the calm before the inevitable storm
or a harbinger of the warm winter to come?
One can only pray it is so
and not jinx the weather in the believing
A motorcycle putters by,
in the trademark "peanut butter, peanut butter"
of a Harley in motion
as truants on skateboards roll by the library,
in t-shirts proclaiming their musical tastes
The meter maid walks past,
looking for transgressors lacking time;
tickets to be written for lack of a dime
The clock on the building reads 11:30,
other appointments wait, so i must hurry
back to my room and try to dispel the gloom
of wanting but not believing
the things that i see...


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Everbody Now...

Everbody wants a piece of heaven,
everybody dreams of this
Everybody want to find true love
and that wonderous kiss
Everbody wants to be in charge,
we all want to be the boss
No one i know wants to play second fiddle
or get blamed for the loss

So who's leading who
and what ya gonna do
when the Truth jumps up
and smacks you in the face
and changes your world on you?

Nobody wants to cry out loud,
everybody wants to hold it in
Half the world afraid to speak their mind
Oh, Lord, that's the greatest sin!
For in the end that's all we are,
what we think and what we feel
Everything else is just a big mirage
and our love is all that's real *

Perhaps in the end we"ll see the Truth,
i hope before it's too late
Too much time spent worrying about money,
it won't get you through Heaven's Gate
So look around, my friends, and see
where you might lend a hand
It may sound tired and cliched
but we truly are the Brother of Man...


Moon Glow...

The Moon cries to me,
she never lies to me
on nights such as these
she lets me see
what lies beneath her pale mantle
An enchanted world;
where owls sail,
where coyoytes wail
at the fullness in their souls
i am whole in this light,
i am girded for whatever fight
an optimistic Errant Knight
looking for the right,
looking to win back control
over the foolishness of Man
that has continued since Time began,
in the moonlight is where i am
a creature belonging to this world...


The Waking Dream...

It's is almost funny
how nothing is as bad
as you make it seem
You can make a nightmare
out of your fondest dream
There is more than black and white,
there's a myriad of colors in between
This is what i've come to believe
Seven colors of the rainbow,
seven Wonders of the World,
seven days to every week
seven ways to make things work
All it takes is hope and faith
to believe it's not too late
you can always set things straight
if you put your mind to it...


Friday, November 2, 2012

As the Rains Came...

The wind howls,
like a lone wolf
baying at the moon
Wet leaves swirl, then splat,
plastered to the wet asphalt
Trees bend to near breaking,
spring backto erect
and then sway
to the mournful tune being played
Empty streets...
as i walk along and alone,
daring to be out amid the tempest
Sirens blare in the distance,
becoming louder
as the fire engines roar past
in a whirl of lights and sound
The gusts of wind
push me like a bully
on the schoolyard playground
The rain buffets me
like waves crashing on the shore
My bare feet tingle,
not from the cold but from the excitement
as i walk with no destination
other than back to my room
where dry books wait
and lights, hopefully, to read by
A bough comes crashing down...
if i was not here
would it still make a sound?
I feel the vibration on the ground
and am splattered
by a shower of leaves and water
My umbrella holds fast
as another gust goes past
and i turn back towards my room
and wonder,
what made me leave
in the first place...