Sunday, March 6, 2016


Lasting impressions
amid the Art of Misdirections;
respond to
but never Answer the Question;
Pay Attention,
Listen closely,
Lost within Analogies,
Inferences and Innuendo
all intended to send you
into a State of Confusion,
where you fall
for the Illusion,
no longer reaching
Sane Conclusions,
caught within Another's
Tangled Web
laying like wet coils
at your feet
amid the Raging Seas
of the Political Storm...
Are you keeping your hands
Warm by this Fire
as the House Burns
around your Ear?...

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Waking Dream...

It's is almost funny
how nothing is as bad
as you make it seem;
you can make a Nightmare
of your fondest Dream,
there is more than black and white,
there's a Myriad of Colors in between;
this is what I've come to Believe ...

Seven Colors of the Rainbow,
seven Wonders of the World,
seven Days to every week,
seven ways to make things work;
all it takes is Hope and Faith
to Believe it's not too late;
you can always set things straight
if you put your Mind to it...

March 2, 2010