Thursday, January 31, 2013


Is love just luck
and happenstance,
a mingling of chemicals
that we sense
but don't smell?
I think not...
I believe it is a knowing,
a realization that strikes,
as the Italians say,
like a thunderbolt
that fires the heart,
aflame with wondrous light
and an inner heat,
an eternal flame that never dies
that cries of longing,
of wanting to belong
completely and everlasting
Love, true love
is more than the physical,
it is an eternity in a smile,
a gaze into eyes
that hold no guile,
only caring and concern
and a willingness to do anything
to keep the fire burning,
to warm the days
 and light the nights...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold Hands, Warm Heart...

The artic blast whips along the sidestreets,
hitting my face like a slap
as i brace myself against the frigid wind
the chills my face and ears
A short walk made much longer
by the weather,
making me hunch against the cold
and increase my speed
Too close to take the car
so i venture forth
prepared, or so i thought,
for winter's chilly onslaught
Leaving a room uncomfortably warm
for the streets horribly cold,
no happy medium,
no end to the tedium,
looking for ways to engage my mind
and leave the fearss and worries behind
that keep me frozen
trapped within myself
Looking out from within
and hoping to find peace...

From My Window II...

Footsteps on the stairs,
hear the traffic
through the window,
sounding like the surf
as the cars roll past
like waves crashing
on the shore
Passing voices,
laughs and oaths,
echo in the street
and the steam heat
sing, "i got steam heat"
starts to whistle
but i don't hear a tune,
just the asphalt sea and me
with concreted beaches separating each block...

Sad Shadows...

in the hollow
of my heart,
where sadness often follows
and small swallows
of anxiety
are too much to bear
To care so much
and do so little,
the small contrivances
and such
will not ease the sorrow
when the much regaled brighter tomorrow
never arrives...