Thursday, May 16, 2013

An April Fool in the Sunshine...

First short-sleeve day
as the rays of the sun
upon my face
brings color to my cheeks,
burning winter's pallor.
Only one layer separates me
from the elements.
My feet are warm
in the outdoors
for the first time in months...

People in t-shirts
and bone-colored shins
beneath baggie shorts
smile as the strut about
as if enjoying an inside joke.
Lawyers and litigants in business suits
walk with ties hanging loose,
but the home boys,
still with the hoodies
act as if nothing has changed,
that the world is just the same...
the pattern, perhaps
but not the moment...

Mea Culpa...

For two cents
you'd give me a peace of your mind,
but why is it only a penny for my thoughts?
Seems the rate of exchange
is not what i sought.
when dealing with what is at first withheld,
out of anger or courtesy
But if you let thoughts stew
they can fester and rot
and turn back upon you,
growing like a tumour untreated,
leaving you already defeated,
a victim of your own conceit,
an instrument of anger...

Therein danger lies
and you may come to despise
the thoughts that come to mind
when you feel you have been slighted...

So delight not in retribution,
seek a calmer, safer solution
Anger only causes confusion
and distortion of the facts,
for there are always three sides to a story;
yours, mine and the truth...
What is so often lacked is tolerance
and time, if but a second,
to step back and think,
if i am wrong,
where will the hurt lie?