Monday, December 28, 2015

Separation Anxiety...

Looking beyond yourself
at a given situation,
removing yourself
from the Equation,
turning to a blank page,
tuning in to another station
to view Reality
without the Duality,
the Ying and the Yang
and the Banners that hang
loosely in musty halls,
playground laughter
and theatre catcalls;
little wonder that it all
is too much at times...
It is Distance
that gives Perspective,
not unlike
The Prime Directive,
Live and Let Live,
help when and where you can
is not so hard to understand
but is it Man's Vanities
he imposes against Humanity
that makes him blind
so he that he does not
want to hear or see
The Truth
before his Eyes;
so much easier
to live a Lie...
Sept. 17, 2015

Gearing Up (Battle Armour)...

Winter's Solstice,
what do you most miss;
in a Childhood,
gone all too soon,
to the Stark Realities
of Forlorn Youth,
Ravages of  Time,
Savages on the Seven Line
 crossing from DisCivilization
to the HinterLand
where Beasts of Color still roam
and the aromas alone
will transport you there;
changing Countries,
even Hemispheres
by the smells in the Air;
Cumin, Paprika, Curry Powder
as the Music changes also
but the Beat,
always the same,
Rhythmic, Feral,
 not the sterile mayonnaise
of this Misbegotten Age...
Rage for but a moment
at this stage
perhaps best to lie Dormant
and watch the Maddening Crowd,
the Apathetic Herd,
whilst I turn my PlowShares
into sharp Swords;
the Army of the Lord
will have need of such...

Dec. 25, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Take it Up ( Your Lot in Life, Your Cross to Bear)...

Divine Madness,
Infinite Sadness,
Situations ludicrous
for what can frustration do,
but increase the Disbelief
in the way
things have come to be;
in the Pomp and Circumstance,
see the Gallows Twitching Dance
no one seems
to want to understand,
All want to be lead,
some by the nose,
some by the hand;
Void of Purpose,
your Purpose is the Void
in a Soul destroyed,
betrayed by misuse;
what sorry excuse
will you give when asked
for the Reason
you stood by
and did Nothing?...
He among you
who is without Sin,
a Good place to begin;
can you take it on the chin,
take one for the team,
can you lay your Life down
"Here it is, I don't need it,
I will always have my Soul",
do you have that much Control?...

June 27, 2015

Measuring Jerusalem...

Measure for measure,
the Accounting has begun;
matter not where you stand ,
of no avail would it be
for you to turn tail and run,
too late for Good deeds
with Evil intent done
for the Scales of Justice
will take the portions
and find the Worth
of Everyone
and those found lacking,
the slack jawed,
the Fools laughing
as the House burns around them,
will become as Shadows,
will fall like Sparrows
fleeing the Hawk's talons
as the Tempests rages
and the Rains fall in gallons,
turning Mountains into Plains,
then, it will be too late
for you to change your Mind...

Not all comes
to those who wait,
the Seed of Doubt
grow into the Fruit of Faith;
look to your Hear,
realize before it's too Late
that what you're waiting for
is within you to Open,
you only need to realize
you need more...

June 27, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

It All Flows...

Are we changed
by Circumstance;
is it as simple as that,
is it all left to chance;
Life, Love, Romance,
all just Happenstance?...

I think not;
there is much more,
what might lie ahead,
what waits in store
depends upon
the avenues you explore,
if you answer the knock
upon the door;
the Choice is yours...

Every Stone cast
into the Water
affects the surface
but sinks to the bottom,
never to rise
(no surprise)
but the Tree that grows
along the banks
draws Nourishment
and is Content
to watch the Water,
knowing it,
Loving it
and Happy
for its company...
Dec. 7, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Danny Flynn...

Coins tossed
into the ring,
tuxedos instead of togas,
but it's still the same thing,
ye gods,
the Inhumanity;
does anyone remember
Danny Flynn?...

If you Believe,
if you know you're Right,
you can lose
and still win
if you can get
one person to See;
be Free,
Be True to yourself
for the is
nothing else...
When the Lord
calls your Name,
will you lift your Head?...

Nov. 30, 2015

Manifest (The Book of LIfe)...

Be Angry,
but let it be
Righteous Anger,
Sin not in your Fury
for you are not
Judge and Jury,
there may be
other sides
tot the story;
even Solomon
in all his Wisdom
and his Glory
would listen well,
would think
before he acted;
look to all the Facts,
find the Truth
in what you see,
 be Assured
in what you Believe
for the Lord will tell you
what you kneed to Know
before you do
what you need to do...
Nov. 30, 2015

The World Awakens...

The City of Light
ablaze in an Evil glow
Satan's laughing
with delight;
Mick was spot on
all the those years ago
but here we are
and there it remains;
The Painful Truth...
Of what use
to rant and rail;
this Veil of Tears is short
be not caught
or worse,

Not an Eye for an Eye
but Righteous Anger,
the first letter in Death
turns to Danger...

Beware, Isis,
bemoan your Fate,
you have no Divided us,
you have United us,
now too late
realize your Mistake...

Nov. 21, 2015