Thursday, April 30, 2015

Calm the Waters...

It's a matter of perspective,
sometimes all it takes
is a change in direction
for so much of Life
is Smoke and Mirrors
and the wheat that separates
from the chaff weighs more,
making it seem a chore
until you realize
what is left is
the Staff of Life,
giving you the Strength
to go further, to Endure
and that is part of the reward,
the Quid Pro Quo
you will come to know
if you open your Eyes
like saying goes,
"Free your mind
and your ass will follow",
no need to wallow
in the mire of your making;
tell me, what steps are your taking,
how do you spend your waking moments,
Seeking, Searching
or groping blindly and lurching,
tossed about in a boat
in the Sea of Galilee
or sitting in the warmth
of Sun and Sand,
secure in the Understanding
the waves that roll towards the depths
will come back gently
towards the Land?...
April 30, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

Speed of Light (Racing Thoughts)...

A City Sunday yawns
and stretches it arms
casting its ShadowLight
upon the lawns
turning Green
but the Hemlock
by the Burrow
was the first to sprout Leaf
as I passed it many times
going to and fro,
shoring this, changing that
making as invisible as possible
so no one  mane find where
this Heart rests at Day's End,
pretending to know a moment's Peace;
No, not pretending,

the Pundits allow
"faking it until you make it",
on the Days you can not shake it,
hurl the chipped and repaired
China Doll of a Heart,
break it

and make a Melancholy Mosaic
of it instead,
another project to keep this Brain busy
while the Mind wanders
186,000 miles per second,
Child of Light, Glowing Ghost

how far is that in an hour
and to return and find myself,

is that not a Wonder?...

Just a blade of Grass,
Merely windblown Leaf am I,

are you any different,
or would you prefer "better",
shades of Morality
common Dualities
surprising Causalities;

tell me, what is the color of Sky
in your Reality?...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oculi Obscura (DarkEyes...)

Random Thoughts,
the Candid Camera am I,
and in a way,
(most times)
don't understand
what's been written
until it's be reread
(for the first time)
and each Time is the First Time:
is that not a moment Sublime,
to Think and Feel
such things but forget them
moments later,
when the Bloom is off the Rose,
or so that old saying goes;
once created
from memory it flees,
as if the writing had been the Need
not the Remembrance,
but the Sweet Release...
April 16, 2015
12:35 PM

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two Left Feet (But Mountain Goat)...

I don't dance
have never be able
to let myself go
to let what Spirits guide me
have their turn
and let them flow
to the Music constantly heard
for the Soundtrack of my Life
is held so Dear,
fear to lose it
within the Revelry,
the Agony and the Ecstasy,
the sheer Abandon
of the Sensuality
displayed so clearly,
so near to  me
that I become uncomfortable
in the Release of Emotion;
words are the Ocean
in which I swim,
seeking my Sea of Tranquility,
for all of the Emotions
expressed in your
Dance of Abandon
are in my words and my hands
as I take you to Lands
I adore and others yet to explore,
always coming up for air
but always wanting more...

Different Strokes
for different folks
but laughing at the same joke
in the shade,
in the Shadow of our Smiles...
April 14, 2015 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Shame of it (All to Blame)...

The tidal flow of Humanity,
the groups, the groping
the weekend Carnival,
walking the Concrete Boardwalk;
Brass City burning bright,
Neon Night Lights
soothing The Herd
as they mill about,
looking for something Unique
amid the sameness
searching of themselves,
Lost, Lonely and Bored,
mired in the Changeless,
the Comfort of Complacency,
barely Living, ever Nascent,
always in Descent,
never climbing,
"just keep in line,
move along slowly
and you will be fine,
it will get easier over time,
rinse and repeat,
along with a two-year contract
and a special gift
when you complete
the Terms of the Agreement,
Free with Purchase"...
A Misnomer, Gomer,
the jest is on you, Homie
but you won't even hazard a guess
because you question nothing;
tell me, then,
whose Sin is the Greatest;
The Fool who Believes Not
The Fool who Knows Not
 what they Believe?...
April 4, 2015

If Not You and I, Who?...

So many Theories,
so many Queries,
Dreams of Elves and Fairies
and Castles in the Air;
have a care with your Dreams,
guard yourself against the Schemes
of those who prey upon your Hopes,
who cope with their frustrations,
their ambivalence and limitations
by bringing you down to their level,
for the Devil surely is the details,
they will gut you
with a condescending smile,
leaving your entrails trailing
behind, mile after mile
as they espouse Brotherly Lovc,
having received messages,
Eminent Domains and Grand Designs
from Power that Be
or Up Above...

Meanwhile, back 
the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave,
Slaves still broil and toil
in modern Fields of Cotton
as we accept the Twisted Lessons
or worse yet, forgotten
Look away, look away, look away
Dixie Land...
Lies my Teacher told me
but I would not be bought or sold;
long have I fought
for some semblance of control
in a World Gone Mad
hanging on with fingers long tired
to only now realize to let go
and light my own Fire
in the Hope my Signal Fire
may inspire you
to sit up and take note
that Hope is indeed
a thing with Feathers,
floating, floating...
Listen, the Wind
whispers to you as well...
April 6, 2015

What Lies Beneath...

The Flotsam and Jetsam
of City Life
 lays exposed,
White bleeding Black
into the gutters
lined with sand and gravel
how far do you think
that Trash traveled
or was it deposited right there
months ago,
as the first flakes of the
Storm of the Century
bore down upon
New England
as the hatches were battened,
despite which some buildings
were flattened
as Storm after Storm
left one wonder what happened,
which gods did we Anger?...
Mother Earth,
Father Time
and their four Children,
the Seasons Four
is a Myth I've not heard,

perhaps that will be mine to tell,
give me a moment
to walk about
and catch the Spell
as Earth holds her breath,
caught between
the warmth of Spring
and Winter's cold Death...
March 22, 2015

Corner Booth, Please (Fast Food Observances)

Little girl's giggle,
gaggle of geese in the parking lot,
four-hundred lb. Man
with a tray of large fries,
two for one
with a large Diet soda
and the Wisdom of Yoda
written in Stars

on a Blue-Black Horoscope Sky
that glows in the dark
for only one dollar more
as the Junkies come in
through the side door,
unseen by the Counter Staff,
poorly placed it seems
but don't think Heroin Addicts
were added to the Scheme of Things;
year ago who would have Dreamt
of such things?,
venous sprays of red

splattered in fast-food restaurant
bathroom walls?...

Across the Breath of America,
smell the Death of America;
the acrid odor,
the Pin Prick Pecking Order,
the Walking Dead,
World-weary Crack Heads,
making more money begging
funny, but true,
than working a minimum wage job
the same poor slob
who just looked down his nose
and barely took note of you
until he asked you to choose
to leave or be hauled in by Five-O;
your choice, Aqualung,
so move along,
Baker Street Muse...
April 8, 2015


Times Change (Time for Man)...

History changed
in the hurried moments after;
facts turned to Myth,
Myth becomes Legend
and the Lie taught to school children,
handed down the Centuries
with no one bothering
to peer too closely
to the Shadow-Figure,
of Smoke and Mirrors,
existing not to Educate
but to placate, to inundate
to keep The Herd placid
and chewing their cud,
keep the beat
for the Slaves
treading straw into the mud,
Pyramids and Ponti Schemes,
Fools believing in the American Dream,
you have to get your hands dirty,
but keep your nose clean,
toe the line and don't read in between,
a Rule for almost everything,
it is enough to make you scream
if you pay any notice,
if you have any Hope...

My Hope lies in you
and others i have met,
know a change in Hear is coming,
it's just enough have not melted yet,
but the Weather is changing,
a Great Storm comes;
are you prepared for The Tempest?...
April 9, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Only Warriors Cry...

Where is my Respite,
who will ease My Sorrow,
who can break
the Deafening Silence,
who dares into My Darkness follow
and peer at the Multitude of Sins;
where would I begin
when the Sardonical Grin
leers back, rears back
its ugly head
and roars my name,
what has changed but the Date
when I am forever running,
a Day late and more than a dollar short
and all I have left
are my sharp retorts
and quick hands,
hoping I land on my feet,
praying I can complete one thing,
hoping what I bring to the table
will not be too tainted to eat,
never enough, never enough;
rough hands and callused Heart,
Soul torn apart on a daily basis,
insults borne from the Nameless
and the Faceless
just to bring you words on pages
wet with tears
from Long Ago Ages,
Stages upon Stages,
Rages upon Rages
and for what;
so you can read
and nod your head in agreement?...

Is this my Lot in Life,
not much of a Life
when you have naught much else
but Soul...
March 30, 2015