Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Downward Spiral...

This is just a Cage
where I am hidden
from Polite Society
so my improprieties
need not be made public;
Go die somewhere else
where we won't see,
so we can rest easy
in our Belief
that we did the best we could,
not for you,
but for ourselves;
As long as we are safe
the rest of the World
can be destroyed...
You don't see me,
you don't hear me,
you don't really want to know,
that far you don't want to go
for this Hell is too much
to ask of anyone
and I 'll bring you down
to the Depths with me,
both of us
gasping for Breath...
How many Times must I say,
in how many ways
must I express
or try to tell you;
you have no idea
of the Agony;
all you see are
my Attributes
and think that refutes
my Faults,
but they don't...
I can't, I won't
I scream, I Rage
and you turn the page
at another sad tale
nearing its untimely end;
be sure to send flowers
to mark where it was
not in your Power
or your Desire

or you were not Inspired...

Too tired, too weary
for nobody sees me,
only my Ghost...
Jan. 25, 2016

Last Warning...

Fighting ourselves,
our Animal Nature,
the Sensual, Sexual
Social relationships,
the trips
down the Rabbit Hole,
the loss of Intellect,
giving way to Emotion,
the fading Self-Control;
is it all really
in how you roll?...
Don't fool yourself
(as if you ever could)
but isn't that the cause
of all the trouble
in the neighborhoods,
Fools parading,
Boys masquerading as Men
in the Animal Pit
this World had become?...
Run, now,
before it's too Late
for too long, Fools
you have stolen
from the Host's Plate
and soon you will
be tossed out
with the offal
for the Dogs to devour;
Fear the Trumpets,
the soon announce the Hour...

Jan. 22, 2016