Thursday, February 7, 2013


Sadness defines me,
though the edges are blurred
happiness poised on the edge
Fears that confine me
to my lonely cell
Seems like it's all that i've known
I need to get straight
but is it too late?

So much behind me
but what lies ahead?
Wish i could see forward instead
But i when look back
i feel so much regret
for chances not taken at all
I need to get straight
hope it's not too late

My friends remind me
that there is still time
to make that hard, weary climb
My dreams combine me
with reality's slap
Awake but still dreaming, it seems
I need to get straight
it's never too late

The things i remember,
the things i forget
and the point so hard to get
Trying to make it make some kind of sense
Why is life so hard to accept?
I need to get straight
Don't say it's too late...

We live in the moment
when there's nothing else
Reliving is giving way
Kick at the truth
watch it shatter
What matters is not a matter of facts
I need to get straight
it's never too late...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Warm Winter Day...

Night's light snowfall,
powdered sugar on the street,
disappearing with first light
The streets shine wetly
as the cars go by,
melting the snow
that hides in the shadows,
hoping to last a little more
Tracks of squirrels and pigeons
clustered by the trash cans
keeping their routines intact
whatever the weather
Flashes of light from windows
proclaim the sun's warmth and power,
the heat, increased by the glass,
radiating to warm you as you pass by
Smiles and nods of greeting
from strangers you are meeting
for day's beauty brings comradeship
Spring may come soon
but enjoy the days of winter
as they remind you of the changes
in the earth and yourself,
as we blow hot and cold
on any given day...
©1980-2013 Gus Useda - All Rights Reserved.


My thoughts turn to jealousy;
how it is not doubt
of the love one shares
but doubt in yourself,
that you don't deserve
the love you have,
that you are not worthy enough
to keep the light in love's eyes shining
Far easire to believe
your love could want better
and seek better than you,
that as the time passes
love will grow weaker
because of your faults
To doubt your love,
to fear that it will fade
speaks of your self esteem;
holding yourself less than others
because of the doubt that whispers
this is too good to last,
that fairy tales don't come true,
that the skiy is more grey than blue,
that nothing is forever
Love is hope,
love is faith,
love is forever
Nothing can erase it
If it fades, it was not love,
for love does truly conquer all...
©1980-2013 Gus Useda - All Rights Reserved.

Ghost of a Chance...

How is it things can be so wrong
and so right?
wondering how i can make it
through the darkest of nights
sometimes feel like i am in a fight
with no chance to defend myself
and the simple things that you all do
are so damn hard for me
yes, my friends, it is so true
that i fight with what is worst in me
and it is so hard to see
throught tears of frustration
knowing that intelligence and education
mean nothing,
that the first shaky step is the hardest
when you don't believe in yourself
and if you can never understand
how then can you help yourself?...


Friday, February 1, 2013


Your scent lingers,
clinging to my clothes,
reminding me of passion
so few ever know
The air it vibrates,
fills me to the core
I could breathe you in forever
and always still want more

Your eyes invite me
to be carried away
Lost within your gaze,
not wanting to be found
Searching for peace,
found relief in your arms
and the ill winds that blow
can never do me harm

What's this,
Can someone explain
how it all feels so new
but at the same time so much the same?
What's this,
if not how it should be?
Fables, myths and magic
that brings me to my knees

Your voice it calls me
from the deepest gloom,
fills my heart with hope and wonder,
plays a lovely tune
In tones that soothe me
and give me what i need
when i feel doubt inside me
you make me believe

What's this,
Can someone explain
how it all feels so new
but at the same time so much the same?
What's this,
if not how it should be?
Fables, myths and magic
that brings me to my knees...