Friday, August 29, 2014

Rinse and Spit...

What progress has been made,
     for there are still
     Galley Slaves tied
     to the oars of sinking ships?...
What have we learned
     from Greece and Rome
     when Civilization
     has become more feral,
     more wolves roam,
     more vultures pick the bones
     of a society dying
     with no where
     to call home?...
Where is the Justice
     when only Revenge is dispensed?...
If you believe in Life,
     Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
     get thee hencs
     for you have archaic beliefs...
Fall to your knees
     and pray for Deliverance,
     not to Gods above
     but to the concepts
     of Charity and Love,
     for Misery loves company
     and the Government is not above
     letting you wallow
     in the Lies
     we have all been
     forced to swallow
     but it's time to
     spit it out
     and wash the bitter taste
     from our mouths...
         July 25, 2014

Fallen Idols...

The Glory that was Rome
      with all its faults and horrors
      was a Grand Design,
      ruined by Man's guilt
      in his own inequities...
By believing in the Heavens,
      he lost Faith in himself
      and in doing so
      allowed himself to be led
      by corrupt emperors
      and vain sacerdotals,
      using the Future
      to deny the Past
      and minimize the Present...
Look Within,
     realize what
     you are Without,
     peer beyond yourself
     and the Shadows of Doubt;
     trust your instincts,
     they never lie;
     don't be afraid to cry
     for yourself and others'
     for only Warriors cry,
     only Warriors cry
     at the Battle that still rages,
     always has
     that will for Ages...
         July 24, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Turn the Other Cheek...

In your weakness
     you seek revenge
     against what is
     greater than you,
     for we are not
     all created equal,
     look around and realize
     this is surely true...
Resenting those placed
     above your station,
     reviling those below,
     you live in both
     fear and intimidation,
     shouting your frustration
     into the wind
     in the hopes your pleas
     will find God's ear...
But God does not send rain
     to wash away your fears;
     the world revolves by itself,
     a ball hung upon nothing,
     nothing changes but the years...
Count them, lose them
     and still the problem remains;
     this is not a Game called Life,
     it is yourself
     who must make the change...
          July 23, 2014

Suffer the Children...

What are your children learning,
     what yearnings do they have,
     what puzzles them,
     what muzzles them
     from asking questions?...
What have you taught them,
     what toy have you bought
     to distract them
     from the Truth?...
When did they lose
     their Innocence of Youth,
     when did they see
     the lies you tried to hide;
     the Ego, the Vanity,
     the Sin of Pride?...
We all learn from example
     but also from mistakes
     you need not possess the attribute,
     sometimes the reverse
     is what it takes...
Take the time to listen;
     learn from your children,
     remember when you turned away
     shaking your head,
     still wondering
     still pondering
     the questions left unanswered...
            July 23, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mustard Seed...

There is no strength
     to your conviction
     if you refuse
     to see another view...
Afraid your Walls of Jericho
     will come crashing down
     when the Trumpet of Truth
     sounds the battle cry...
Ask yourself, fool,
     set a task for yourself
    to see if your beliefs
    are the same
    as those you allow
    to rule over you...
One set of rules for the impoverished,.
    another for the rich;
    "You don't belong in this neighborhood,
    for I don't want
    to be reminded
    that you exist"...
Turn your Blind Eyes inward,
    stop stagnating,
    take a step forward,
    let your Journey begin..
         July 21, 2014

On the Third Day...

All the martyrs had it wrong
     the spotlight shone
     upon the final act
     while the audience
     lost the meaning of the play...
Better to live to fight another day
     another chance for someone
     anyone to hear and understand
     what it is you're trying to say,
     though you yourself may not
     comprehend the meaning...
What do you glean
     from bones left drying
    in the sun?...
The meat, the meaning
     is long gone
     and the brittle bones
     are of use to no one...
Run, then run
     to the sound of drums,
     wherever People are gathered,
     state your mind;
     for then maybe
     the Blind will see,
     the Dumb will speak,
     the Dead will rise...
     July 20, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good News?...

I'll take the poor,.
     let me feed them
     but let them not
     learn a thing...
Keep them in Darkness,
    keep the Ignorant
    so I may seem more
    noble when the Psalms
    to you I sing...
Keep us separated,
   let them stay degraded,
   they serve my purpose that way...
Give me your tired,
   here is a warehouse,
   let me pile them high
   like cords of wood...
Let them stay mired,
   this fen is just right,
   the more they struggle
   the deeper they sink...
They have got to learn
   that all their life they'll yearn
   but won't have peace
   until they die...
And you wonder why
   the Gospels make me cry...

     July 19, 2014

The Science of Life...

The light of day
     illuminating Truth and lies
     blinding many,
     opening others eyes...
Seek the Truth,
     find the cause,
     try to understand
     or in the spider's web
    of religious deceit and conceit
    you will be caught
    and you will be drained
    of your true Soul,
    a dried husk
    spinning in the shroud
    you have helped to weave...
Believe in the Nature of things,.
     understand the Joy,
     the simple pleasures
     Life can bring...
Take the time
    to dance and sing,
    understand yourself first
    and then see
    what you can bring
    to the table
    for we all have something to say,
    we just need to listen first...

      July 18, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Antichrist...

What Truth do you come seeking,
     what are you trying to rationalize?...
Is it the same language
     we are speaking
     why do you find me
     so easy to despise?...
If your Faith can't bear the question
     then forgive me if I mention
     that your house is built on sand...
Why do you think I need saving
     when you are drowning
     in your own lies,
     when Life's as simple as behaving,
     doing what's right
     and having a modicum
     of self pride...
If you won't see another view
     what the Hell do you
     think you'll do
     when you realize you may be wrong?...
I question everything
     for the answers it may bring,
     not afraid to be wrong
     'cos I've know all along
     that I want to do what's right
     so I can sleep well at night,
     not doing it just for me,
     it is in the hope that you may see
     what I'm still trying to understand...

          July 17, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Social Services...

Pay day and everybody's Hey Day;
     counting tens and twenties,
     today not worrying about the ones;
     it comes and is just as fast spent,
     scratching your head
     and wondering just how fast
     the money went
     when very little was actually spent
     on the things you truly need...
The Wolf that you feed;
     his scent linger in the air,
     the smell of pot and other what-not
     and empty liquor bottles everywhere...
The occasional bag of groceries
     amid the 30-packs of beer,
     the people you owe money to
     you try to steer clear of...
Forgotten friends return,
     hoping for their turn
     in the Parade, in the Charade;
     Fair Weather Friends
     pretending to care
     until the money's gone
     when you will have to get along
     by quick feet and your wits again...
                August 1, 2104 !-- Generated by -->

Take my Sword...

A Knight's tale;
     I have taken the Veil,
     the caul that covered me
     at birth has been removed
     to reveal the Glory of Morning
     after Chivalry proven...
It took more than resolve
     to endure the Trial
     not of Fire, but of Desire
     so strong when you
     see not any wrong
     in the peaceful pleasure
     after the Measure of Time
     to convince myself
     that you wish to be mine...
Whilst I make no claim
     we are very much the same,
     for I know neither of us
     play the Foolish Game
     so prevalent today;
         "Love me, then go away"...
What lasts is what is real
what you believe is what you feel
helping each other deal
with the slings and arrows
that would otherwise
chill us to the marrow...

               July31, 2014

Small Talk...

Taking the Time to talk
     to one of the Lonely
     who lives in the
     World of Regret,
     the What If, the If Only...
Take it all to personal,
     sadness builds
     growing inward,
     unseen wall stopping him
     in a boat without any oars...
The more you build from Weakness

     the more comes tumbling down
     about your ears,
     the pain and fear
     make poor mortar
     in a house set on loose ground...
Take a firm stand,
     it has nothing to do
     with being a man,
     it comes down to
     what you have at your command
     and when you know
     you need a helping hand...
It takes a brave man
to reach for a helping hand,
no one needs to live alone...

          July 30, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ad Infinitum...

It's not the highs or lows,
     it is the unexpected blows
     that set you back on your heels,
     leaving you unbalanced
     for the moment
     wondering which way to go...
Confidence drops away

     like a stone into water,
     a little ripple for a moment
     is all the proof
     someone ever passed this way;
     gone tomorrow,
     were you ever really here today?...
Suddenly, everything is circumspect,
     every decision is doubted,
     every step seems to be
     in the wrong direction,
     spinning into infinity,
     with the space between
     the light of the stars
     an Eternity of Darkness;
     groping for the light,
     barking your shins
     against unseen obstacles
     you never knew were
     in your way...
Shadows of Doubt
    lurk behind every corner,

    almost in panic for a moment
    till you reach for Clarity
    and let Reality flow
    out the Mists of Darkness,
    towards the Taper of Truth,
    the Light at the End of the Tunnel
    that you have to strive for,
    your beacon through
    the Fog of Confusion
    that can so easily
    hold you in its sway...
But not Today, not ever more;
    if one is closed,

    knock upon another door,
    despite all plans
    one never knows
    what Tomorrow may have in store;
    take a deep breath

    and collect yourself,.
    bring your attributes to the fore;
    count your Blessings,

    count the stars,
    a billion possibilities,
    maybe one is yours...

          July 30, 2014