Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brisk Start...

The Morning hums,
     Ebb and Flow
     as the Sun flashes on
     like a camper's flashlight

     full Daylight in but an instant,
     but a moment ago,
     grey Morning
     and chilly winds
     made for a muffler
     and wool cap Morning,
     a snap to the Air
     that puts a snap
     in your step...
Buses mark the Time;

     people wash up
     upon the sidewalk,
     Urban Flotsam and Jetsam,
     flowing but not going anywhere
     in routines that seem

     Centuries old...
City's pretty in the Fall
     but, Mayor, please,

     leave the Leaves
     to scatter where thy fall;

     I like to see them swirl
     and twirl like squirrel's tails
     chase after cars,
     wrap themselves
     around girl's legs
     after tumbling along

     like a tumbling tumbleweed
     or racing along the curb

     and the dangerous
     Catch basins that wait
     to carry them
     down to the Sea...
          October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Sky...

Sweater weather;
     morning snaps open
     amid the Grey
     and the trees as they sway
     in time with the cars

     as they roll past,
     leaves chasing after
     like country dogs
     chasing pickup trucks
     down a dirt road,
     growling and snapping
     at the spinning tires
     as they kick gravel
     back into their faces...
Delicious chill,
     with warm woolen socks
     and my trench coat flaring
     behind me like a superhero's cape,
     my walking stick
     keeping the beat,
     playing a game of mumbley peg
     with my quick moving feet,
     a smile or a nod
     for every person I meet
     for in Autumn
     I glow from within...
          October 22, 2014


A token
     to remind me of you,
     warm and soft,
     I envision you
     as you wrapped your arms
     around me
     and pulled me gently
     back upon the couch
     and whispered,
     "Don't let me go"...
The time spent together
      verified what I already knew;
     the softness of your demeanor,
     the warmth of your Soul
     with eyes, deep and dark,
     alive like Fire dancing,
     blazing from within,
     lit by the Beauty of your Soul
     and your skin,
     a translucent Wonder,
     like pink marble
     that no statue carved
     could ever properly capture...
To me, you are indeed
     a gift, a Wonder;
     you turn my Heart to Thunder
     that echoes my Desire
     reverberating in my Soul...
I also want to wake
     alongside you,
     to take comfort
     and give comfort
     that only comes
     with a closeness...
Tell me all,
     I want to know
     all of you...
Take my Heart,
     I want to show you
     that I have come
     to bring you Solace
     and find contentment
     in giving you Pleasure,
     measure for measure
     for as you send me
     to heights unimagined,
     so shall I endeavor
     to show you
     just how much
     you mean to me
     as I thank the Powers that Be
     for finally allowing me
     to find a like Soul,
     Real and Free...

         October 23, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Friend Request...

Cyber connections
     without direction
     dancing across the wire
     feeding the fire within,
     adding inspiration
     and a sense of deliberation
     to the current cosmic situation
     i have been trying to figure out...
Funny, how, unasked,
     the Cosmos gives you guidance,
     showing you what to keep
     and to what to say "good riddance" 
     to the ties that bind,
     to the fears that keep you lagging behind
     for if you are afraid to look
     you will never find that which you need...
In a moment, souls collide;
    do you stop and say, "Excuse me"
    and move on
    or do you stop for a moment,
    realize it is the same ground
    we stand upon,
    and chat a while to see
    just how the other gets along?...
Things do happen for a reason,
    sometimes the answer is no,
    sometimes the answers won't please you
    but it is how you handle your situation 
    how you strive that is your measure,  
    what gives you comfort
    and what gives you pleasure
    that defines you,
    that combines you with the Infinite... 
             October 21, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Water Walk...

The gurgling water rushing through
     a collapsed part a drainage pipe
     running along the river
     in the aftermath
     of the sudden shower
     that raised the water level
     a good two feet in two minutes
     and washed the day's foulness
     down to the Sea...
On The Green,
     the flag whips back and forth,
     snapping and popping
     like the last kernels
     at the bottom of a pop corn bag...
Again comes the rain
     and I doff my sneakers and socks,
     placing them in my knapsack
     and walk barefoot
     in the warm October rain...
Soon I am drenched to the skin,
     my visor dripping like an awning
     mistakenly left open
     at the beachfront tennis club,
     lawn chairs stacked upside down
     and tables covered with chairs and tarps...
My hair curls and uncurls with each step
     as the water beads at the ends   
     and then bounces off,
     trying to reach the Sky
     from whence it came,
     but finding only concrete
     and the long Journey to the Sea...
A slight pause at the corner building
     where covering and hedge
     make for a bucolic rest
     to listen as, just beyond
     lies the asphalt river
     with it gleaming steel fish...
Perhaps here I wait for dawn,
     don't expect it to be long
     for the shadows recede
     and the street lights proceed
     to turn off one by one
     down the boulevard...

          October 18, 2014